The Story about the Donkey Ramón

From the time of the Incas period, move the Maras Pink Salt from the Maras Salt Mines located at approx. 4,000 meters In the Sacred Valley of the Incas it has been a great challenge.

Transporting the heavy Maras Salt along the difficult roads and high mountains of the Cusco territory meant that each family had as an important member a donkey.

Their ancestors have been a fundamental part of the process of carrying on their backs a millenary and Peruvian identity product, a product that has not only reached the local market but has transcended international borders.

Without a doubt, Ramón is a significant character in our history.

Join us, to continue discovering together all the stories that Ramón has to tell us.

Donkey Ramón - Brown Color

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Donkey Ramón - Silver Color

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