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The Himalayan Pink Salt is a mineral salt from the salt mines located in the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan. Like the Maras Pink Salt and the Dead Sea Salt, it is one of the few salts with high mineral content and 100% natural that exists in the world. Proceeds from places with hundreds or thousands of years of history.

Its intense coloration is the contribution of the broad mineral content where iron stands out. The Salt Cooking Blocks are perfect cuts to salt rocks and are currently used in the Gourmet Kitchen, the zero porosity of the Himalayan Salt Cooking Blocks allows the entire surface to transmit heat evenly, and they have a very high specific energy for which tends to maintain any temperature for a long time.

Marketed in Delicatessen stores in the main cities in the world, the Salt Cooking Blocks make it possible to provide greater sophistication and flavor to the Gourmet Market, the origin of the product, the natural and flavor contribution, as well as the visual enjoyment using a Himalayan Salt Cooking Block, will deliver us without a doubt ... A guaranteed show!!

Salt Cooking Blocks
Salt Cooking Blocks
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Suggestions for Use

Cure a Carpaccio or a Sashimi on the Salt Cooking Block, while acquiring a unique and especially tasty salt point.

A fish marinated with fennel, lemon, oil, and pepper or steak marinated with curry and small pieces of garlic and ginger cooked in the Salt Cooking Block is also wonderful.

Heating the Salt Block for a few minutes in an oven. Mozzarella and other cheeses melted on the Pink Salt Block, in an improvised Raclette, and served on toasted bread will be hard to forget.

A grill with meats, seafood, fish or vegetables, cooked in front of the diners in a Pink Salt Block, will be a unique experience.

Place the Salt Cooking Block for a couple of hours in the freezer and serve Japanese Food, Fruits, or Vegetables. It can serve several types of ice cream, which will acquire a salty touch that will make them unique.

Important notes

It is important to know that heat can change the appearance of the Block, with the heat light crunches will be heard and small micro-fissures may appear. Sometimes deeper cracks may appear during cooking, especially if the Salt Block was not completely dry before use.

Avoid using butter on the Salt Block, since the water that the butter usually contains can damage the surface.

Handle the Block when it is hot with thick kitchen gloves or let it cool before touching it.

Salt Blocks can be heated or refrigerated safely.

Cleaning and Care after Use

After each use and once the Salt Block is cold, clean it with paper towels or a soft damp brush or sponge, which will cause a mini surface layer to be removed. It is important to dry the iron well after cleaning and store it in a dry place, away from any moisture. It is not necessary and even the use of detergents is not advised.

If necessary, water can be used, avoiding large quantities. Bear in mind that the natural antimicrobial property of salt will prevent the proliferation of germs on the Block.

Salt Cooking Blocks
Salt Cooking Blocks
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