Tierra del Monte

Founded in 2004, Tierra del Monte is part of a start-up that gradually grew and ended up consolidating into a Peruvian Company dedicated to manufacture and distribute 100% natural Peruvian products of the highest quality.

Currently, Tierra del Monte has the exclusive representation and allocation of the Maras Pink Salt, which is extracted from the Maras Salt Mines, located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas at approximately 4,000 meters above sea level, hand mined since the time of the Incan Empire for over 600 years.

Our constant work with the Maras Community since 2004, making known both the Maras Pink Salt and the Maras Salt Mines in Peru and other countries, as well as developing new products and uses having as input the Maras Pink Salt, and also create alliances with important companies in the Gourmet and Beauty market who use and distribute our products.


Certification with ISO Standards and KOSHER Certification

Reaffirming the quality of our products. We are already been the First and Only Company in Peru that produces Maras Pink Salt with the best quality standards.

ISO 9001 Quality Standard
ISO 22000 Food Safety and Management Standard


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